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AquaVita Zero Calories Black Pink GrapefruitFounded by 2 fathers who want better more healthy beverage choices for their kids and families and you!  That’s why we founded AquaVita Sparkling Water!

As working dads on the go, we know how hard it is to eat, drink and keep healthy.  And we know it’s even tougher when it comes to our families (kids and all!) to make the right choice when it comes to selecting a refreshing beverage.   That’s when we realized we’ve got to develop a more healthy naturally Stevia sweetened, zero calorie and multi vitamin infused beverage that’s great tasting and still calorie free for us and even for our kids.  This way we at least could give parents like us and even our kids a more balanced choice when selecting a carbonated beverage at the local store down the street.  We know it’s a small step, but this was our way of creating a great option for our kids and ourselves too.  So drink up and try AquaVita for yourself.  We know you’ll find it refreshing and crisp and best of all without the guilt of sugar filled beverages.

Help us to get the word out about our more healthy natural fruit flavored sparking waters.  Our beverages are designed for anyone looking to cut out the calories, but keep the taste with natural Stevia sweetener.

AquaVita is made with natural calorie free Stevia

AquaVita is made with the natural calorie free Stevia plant

The AquaVita team is made up of caring, dedicated people (most of us dads and moms) focused on a mission to get you the best tasting more natural and guilt free refreshing beverage out there.

We love what we do! Every day we come up with new ideas with the help of our brainy and enthusiastic expert community of consumers, mom and dads like you.

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