AquaVita Zero Calorie Sparkling Water Launches in Foodtown Supermarkets

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New Jersey, June 3, 20014 – AquaVita Zero Calorie Sparkling Water, a leader in healthier, better for you naturally flavored sparkling water, is excited to announce that it has launched in Foodtown Supermarkets in greater NY.  Due to popular demand, Foodtown Supermarkets will offer their shoppers, a better for you, healthier for you, more natural, greener AquaVita Zero Sparkling Water, an alternative to potential health risks associated with diet sodas and or high calorie sugar and fructose based sodas.

“AquaVita Zero is the only brand to meet the demand for more natural, more healthy, better for you beverages in this category with the high end packaging consumers are already accustomed to, which is experiencing high demand.  Moreover, shoppers are better educated and health conscience about what they drink and they are looking for products they can trust,” says Mr. Shapira, co-founder of the brand. “They want a product that can deliver on taste, is zero calories but still is better for you.   That’s why all of our delicious and refreshing beverages, are free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.”

About AquaVita Zero Calorie Sparkling Water

AquaVita Zero Calorie Sparkling Water is a beverage brand with natural based ingredients, free of harsh artificial dyes and colors and free of artificial sweeteners sucralose , acesulfame K, aspartame, neotame, and saccharin.  Proudly made in the U.S.A., AquaVita Zero Calorie Sparkling Water is committed to offering delicious refreshing sparkling water that is more natural yet affordable to consumers that want to “green” up their everyday beverages.

AquaVita Zero was founded by two dads who wanted better more healthy beverage choices for their kids and families & consumers.   As working dads on the go, we knew how hard it is to eat, drink and keep healthy.  And we knew it’s even tougher when it comes to our families and kids to make the right choice when it comes to selecting a refreshing beverage.   That’s  why we developed a more healthy naturally Stevia sweetened, zero calorie and multi vitamin infused beverage that’s great tasting and still calorie free for us and even for our kids.  This way we at least could give consumers a more balanced choice when selecting a carbonated beverage at the local store down the street.  We know it’s a small step, but this was our way of creating a great option for our kids and ourselves too.  Try AquaVita for yourself, we know you’ll find it refreshing and delicious and best of all without the guilt of sugar filled beverages.

Our beverages are designed for anyone looking to cut out the calories, but keep the taste with natural stevia sweetener.  AquaVita Zero is made with natural calorie free Stevia plant.

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Lee Sharp

EVP Media Relations

AquaVita Zero Calorie Sparkling Water


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