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AquaVita Zero calorie sparking water is a hit!  Consumers love the product and so do retailers who are experiencing excellent inventory turns.  We’ve experienced this same level of success with upscale gourmet markets to major chain pharmacies, to chain and stand alone health food stores, to  supermarkets, schools, cafeterias, c-stores, discount stores, general merchandise stores and beyond, all seeing success with the product.  We know you will see the same success!  Best of all, AquaVita Zero is  outperforming leading brands, providing the retailer with better support, better margins, lower pricing for their shoppers to keep them coming back to their stores.

AquaVita Zero Sparkling Water is a carbonated, natural fruit flavored beverage that is greener, healthier, better for you alternative to diet and regular soda.  Moreover, AquaVita Zero sparkling water is the only brand to meet the demand for more natural, more healthy, better for you beverages in this category (with the high end packaging consumers are already accustomed to) which is experiencing high demand.  AquaVita Sparkling Water is truly unique and is packaged in a great high end, unique, tall, bullet shaped bottle with a full sleeve,  3 sided label, offering 3 panels of eye catching 4 color graphics.  There is no other sparkling beverage like it.

As you probably already know, the natural beverage category is expanding rapidly with tremendous consumer demand for more healthy beverage options.  That’s partially why AquaVita Zero calorie sparkling water with Stevia, in delicious refreshing flavors including Black Raspberry, Pink Grape Fruit and Tangerine is such a success.  Of course, the great taste, zero calories, vitamins and antioxidants all make AquaVita Zero sparkling water a hit with consumers.  And best of all, once they try AquaVita Zero sparkling water they love it and keep coming back for more at your local store!

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